International Country Music Award 2013

International Country Music Award
International Country Music Award

Award for the „Road Chicks & Band“

Alina Mahrhofer is happy about her triumph in Pullman City – artists from USA, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland and Slowakia took part in the contest.

Münster/Eging am See, November 19th 2013

A dream came true for Alina Mahrhofer from Münster in Tirol: last weekend she triumphed at the International Country Music Award in Pullman City with her new lineup “Road Chiks & Band”. All in all 30 duos, trios, bands and solo artists from all over the world arrived in the town Eging am See (Passau administrative district) in Lower Bavaria. Bands from Italy came by plane or with camping vans, as well as artists from entire Germany, Poland, Slowakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria and USA, who all took part in the contest with all their passion. 1900 visitors in total didn’t miss out on the musical divesity and international contest spirit.

„Road Chicks & Band“ secured with a great performance and own songs from their new album „Road Chicks bittersweet“ the award in the „New Country“ category!

Band founder an manager Alina Mahrhofer achieved an eagerly awaited and hard-earned goal with this triumph. „We got the Awards 2010 & 2011 as ‘Road Chicks’ in the duo categories. It has always been my desire to also win here with a band. It took me along time to get the right people together. It’s very important to me that we all get along well”, said Alina, radiant with happiness, after the awards ceremony. „I’m very proud of my guys.“

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